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Help your favorite restaurant, café or hotel in these difficult times by making a donation

Who are we?

At Heart for Horeca, led by Kristof D'Hondt, we know better than anyone that our restaurant owners need help. Hope, support, and decisiveness is what we offer today. Since the announcement of the drastic measures regarding COVID-19, we are determined to make an impact. The core of our goal is to help restaurant owners in need. Through the efforts of Heart for Horeca, we are convinced that we can make a difference for them.

What do we want to achieve?

Heart for catering.

Fourteen years ago, entrepreneur Kristof D'Hondt started a catering related company, called Dine & Cook - Fine Horeca Fashion. He founded that company with heart and soul, just like this foundation. Caterers have brought Kristof to where he is today, by believing in it. That is why he now feels called to support those same caterers. Kristof has established this foundation to help the hospitality businesses. With your help, we will achieve our goal. This will create a transformation in these difficult times.


How do we get funds?
We, Belgian residents, live as Burgundians. For us, chefs are top artists, and caterers are hard workers, and we want to continue to enjoy that in the future. That is why we would like to ask you to transfer the amount that you spend daily, weekly, or monthly on catering to the “Heart for Horeca” foundation. In this way, we will help cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc., to recover. The hospitality sector also plays a major social role in our society. It is a meeting place for the young and old. As soon as sufficient funds are deposited by private individuals, entrepreneurs, company managers, etc., we can determine the amount that can go to a caterer in need. The information is displayed daily on the website. Let's support each other.

Helping Community

Who and How We Can Help?


• Hospitality businesses affected by COVID-19;

• Starting hospitality businesses that were established a maximum of 3 years ago.

What must be submitted to be eligible?

1. A copy of the lease;

2. Proof of payment of the rent during the last 3 months; and

a. If the catering business involved is owned by a company, a recent extract (not older than 1 month) from the UBO register;

3. A recent (not older than 1 month) CBE extract showing: (1) proof of registration as a hotel (NACE-bel code 55.10), restaurant (fully serviced eatery; NACE-bel code 56.101) or café (drinking establishment; NACE-bel code 56.30) and (2) start activities after March 1, 2017 and (3) establishment in Belgium.

What does it mean?

The non-profit organization aims to provide a one-off grant of 50% of one month’s rent that the company concerned has to pay monthly for the rent of its catering business, and this with a maximum amount of EUR 5,000 per applicant.

Until when?

Until April 30, 2020, the non-profit organization will collect money and receive aid applications through its ambassadors.

Download the application form here

All details can be consulted via the following link: rules & regulations

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